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Itamar Borochov
Itamar Borochov is a uniquely talented trumpeter and composer based in New York, of Bukharian heritage. Intriguingly, he plays arabic modes on the trumpet, which feature quarter tone intervals, an unusually beautiful approach to performing which sets him apart from other players. However, Itamar is first and foremost a jazz player. 

Fascinated as a youngster by Clark Terry and Booker Little, Itamar’s continued thirst for knowledge soon brought him to the attention of Curtis Fuller and Dr Billy Taylor, in whose groups he performed. Before long, Itamar established his own voice, successfully creating a bridge between past and present, blending the timeless music of ancient lands with jazz, America’s greatest ​cultural treasure.​

Following his move to the USA from Israel, Borochov quickly established himself on the American jazz scene. His debut album, Outset, was chosen by the New York City Jazz Record as one of the best albums of 2014. There's a growing fan base in Europe after several successful tours there, and there is much industry talk as well, with several parties interested in signing him.

The Jerusalem Post described him as “a rising star in today’s jazz music world. Immersed in the jazz tradition, his search for his roots and identity have resulted in an evolving love for Arab and Pan-African musical sensibilities – a natural palette for a trumpeter-composer raised in Jaffa, an integrated Muslim-Jewish-Christian city.”

The Midwest Record added, “This is grandly innovative stuff that isn’t envelope-pushing just for the sake of it. This is a young lion to pay attention to.”

Here is a new video ( for “Wanderer’s Song,” which will appear on his next recording.

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