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Afraaz Mulji
Afraaz Mulji - aka Maestro MI aka Infinite Possibilities - is a twenty-one-year-old multidisciplinary artist, composer, poet, philosopher and curator. Their work lies somewhere in the hazy intersection between theatre of the absurd, harsh noise, lyrical sufi poetry and architectural sound design. Born in Tanzania, he holds both Canadian and British passports, and currently lives in Toronto.

An improviser at heart, his music is a genre-bending exploration across myriad musical traditions. Employing techniques garnered from studies of Eastern and Western classical music, jazz and world music, he fuses these to create his own magic.

Working as a sculptor of soundart and purveyor of sonic mirages, Mulji experiments with field recordings of flowing water, insects, construction sites and airports.

As a virtuoso pianist and organist specializing in avant garde classical and free jazz, Afraaz throws caution to the wind, furiously questioning and reimagining boundaries. 514 247 0706
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