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Maestro افراز (Afraaz) Mulji
The Maestro is an embodiment of the values of renaissance. An acclaimed scholar and master of the hyper avant garde school of conceptual art, whose practice spans across many mediums... Though It is cogently centered around sonic interactions and intersections.

Bureaucrat, Anarchist at far left, Cognoscenti at Intelligentsia, Literati, Epicure, Bon Vivant, Musician, Poet, Choreographer, Philosopher, Composer, Multidisciplinary Installation Artist, Consultant, Curator, Public Intellectual, Critical Participant, Polyglot, Polymath, Reiki Master and Yogi. Impresario of Conceptualism. Salonniere at Salon de Exposition. Grand Master of the Infinite Sonic Possibility Interface.

Mulji is a Connoisseur and Patron of the Arts, Humanities and Sciences. A Distinguished Lecturer at the University of Dar-es Salaam. He plays the role of Cultural Diplomat and Ambassador for Pluralism. His Research as a Scientist of Sonic Interfaces and their cymatic consequences spans a plethora of forms. He is the host of Gatherings of Wisdom and the Unspecified Salon.

Creo Ergo Sum is his Motto and Mantra... 514 247 0706
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