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Sonar featuring David Torn
If you need to categorize them, then call Sonar a "minimal progressive groove band." 

Three guitars, bass, and drums, pure and without effects. SONAR use this most traditional instrumentation to create music unlike anything you’ve heard before. Fusing a rigorous less-is-more esthetic with the power of a rock band, they create mesmerizing sonic rituals that captivate audiences beyond genres, styles, and tastes.

"A combination of opposites that compliment one another marvellously on a scintillating journey into the abyss" (The Progressive Aspect)

"One listen to even just a minute or two from Vortex and it becomes crystal clear that, in the 21st century, few groups have emerged as incomparable, innovative and imaginative as Sonar." (John Kelman, All About Jazz)

"The stylistic blending of Torn and Sonar brings out the best in all of the performers. The empathy that the musicians share is apparent; as is their determination to create music that is complex, yet entertaining, and above all something that is emotionally fulfilling." (Owen Davies, Dutch Progressive Rock Page) 514 247 0706
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