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Billy Bang
Billy Bang was the very first artist signed to Lunched, and in fact the whole idea for starting the company was to have an entity concentrated on managing and booking this fantastic artist with whom I had produced two acclaimed Vietnam-themed recordings. It's a pleasure and an honour to continue to work with Billy's family to ensure that future recordings are properly released and that his legacy is served by all activities related to his name, his music and his memory. - Jean-Pierre Leduc

Hank Jones
Hank Jones was the second artist signed to Lunched Management, and the day we decided to work together is one I'll never forget. We worked together for over five years, traveling the globe. I loved our camaraderie, his sense of humour, but also his style, his class, his humanity and his grace. I'm honoured to be working with his family to ensure further recordings and scholarships are worthy of his legacy. - Jean-Pierre Leduc 514 247 0706
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